What is Argentium Silver?

It is a superior, high performance silver with a number of unique properties. These properties differentiate Argentium Silver from traditional Sterling silver, making it perfect for both artisans and volume manufacturers.

Is Argentium Silver different from traditional Sterling Silver?

Yes. It is purer than Sterling (935 or 960), has increased tarnish resistance, a whiter colour, antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties and a firestain-free surface. All of these benefits make Argentium Silver better for the end wearer and gentler on the environment, as less chemicals are used in production.

Durability and Versatility

Some sterling silver jewelry pieces are prone to scratches, dents, and deformation, especially if you wear them daily. Argentium Silver is stronger and more durable than traditional sterling, making it more resistant to these types of damages.

Color and Tarnish Resistance

Brighter than white gold, sterling silver, and platinum, Argentium Silver is the whitest metal with the longest-lasting shine. With no plating to chip away or tarnish, Argentium’s natural white-silver color is the same throughout the entire piece.

Conservation and Environmentally Friendly Practices

Only recycled silver is used for production. Due to the firestain resistant nature of Argentium, the use of toxic chemicals used to remove firestain is eliminated, helping to protect the environment. All Argentium alloys are nickel-free, resulting in jewelry pieces that can be worn by individuals with nickel allergies.

Personal Allergy Story

For me, this is personal as I am allergic to sterling silver, as many people are, and I could not wear my own sterling silver jewelry for nearly 30 years until I discovered Argentium Silver.